Math uses MathJax to render beautiful LaTeX equations. For those that know LaTeX syntax using wikidot equations should be straightforward.


Simply put the equation between [[math label]] … [[/math]] block tags (the label is optional). The equation is rendered within LaTex \begin{equation} ... \end{equation} environment. Please refer to any LaTeX reference manual for details about syntax.

[[math label1]]
\rho _{\rm GJ} = -\sigma (r) \left[ (1 - \eta _{\ast }^2 {\kappa \over {\eta ^3}}) \cos \chi \right.
+ \left. {3\over 2} \theta (\eta) H(\eta)
\xi \sin \chi \cos \phi \right]
\begin{align} \rho _{\rm GJ} = -\sigma (r) \left[ (1 - \eta _{\ast }^2 {\kappa \over {\eta ^3}}) \cos \chi \right. + \left. {3\over 2} \theta (\eta) H(\eta) \xi \sin \chi \cos \phi \right] \end{align}

To refer to a labeled equation simply use [[eref label]] to get a raw number or e.g. Eq. ([[eref label1]]) which gives Eq. (1).

You can specify the LaTeX environment in 2 ways, either by passing a type="<environment>" parameter, or using \begin{<environment>} and @\end{<environment>}@@ within the equation. E.q. these two are equivalent:

[[math type="align"]]
E = mc^2
E = mc^2

The equation environment is default. Other supported math environments are: align, alignat, aligned, alignedat, array, Bmatrix, bmatrix, cases, eqnarray, equation, gather, gathered, matrix, multline, pmatrix, smallmatrix, split, subarray, Vmatrix, vmatrix.

Inline math

To use math expressions inside text (sentence) use [[$ ... $]] block tags.

[[$ E = mc^2 $]] is much more popular than
[[$ G_{\mu\nu} - \Lambda g_{\mu\nu} = \kappa T_{\mu\nu} $]]

$E = mc^2$ is much more popular than $G_{\mu\nu} - \Lambda g_{\mu\nu} = \kappa T_{\mu\nu}$

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