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+ Level 1 Heading
++ Level 2 Heading
+++ Level 3 Heading
* Bulleted text
# Numbered text
> Blockquoted text
//italic text//
**bold text**
{{monospaced text}}
##red|standard## or ##229966|custom-code## color
[[size smaller]]smaller text[[/size]]
[[size larger]]larger text[[/size]]
[[size 80%]]80% of current size[[/size]]
[[size 1.5em]]150% of current size[[/size]]
[[code]] lines of code [[/code]]
=This line is centered
Text is aligned left
Text is aligned right
Text is centered
Text is justified
[http://www.xdzvhr.icu Link to Wikidot]
[http://www.xdzvhr.icu/doc-wiki-syntax:links#internal Link to anchor]
[*http://www.xdzvhr.icu Pops in new window]
[/category:page/option1/option2 Click to show page]
[[email protected] Email us]
[wikipedia:Albert_Einstein Albert Einstein]
[google:free+wiki] Google search results
[dictionary:wiki] Dictionary.com lookup
[[[name-of-page | Click to show page]]]
[[[name-of-page#anchor | Some anchor]]]
``smart double quotes''
`smart single quotes'
<< French-style quotes >>
em -- dash
@@unparsed text@@
@<escaped text>@
---- Horizontal line
: Word : Definition
[[image url OR attachment OR :first ]]
[[image something size="large | medium | small | thumbnail" ]]
[[image something link="name-of-page OR url" ]]
[[f<image something alt="Float left"]]
[[gallery size="image-size"]]
[[collapsible]] collapsed text [[/collapsible]]
|| Simple table ||~ heading || cell ||
[[div custom styles ]]
[[math somelabel]] LaTeX specification [[/math]]
[[$ E = mc^2 $]]
[[footnote]]A footnote.[[/footnote]]
[[bibliography]] bibliography entries [[/bibliography]]
[[include pagename]]
[[file attachment | custom-text]]

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