Managing users

This document describes how User accounts, roles and permissions are organized within the network.

One account - access many sites

At the network all the sites share the same User accounts. It means that having one account guarantees the same User identity at all the sites.

User status within a site

Anonymous User

Some sites may allow anonymous users (i.e. these who do not use a valid WikiDot account - are not logged in) to modify content and use discussion forum. In any such case the visitor's IP address will be stored and publicly visible.

Registered Users

Registered Users are these who have and use a valid Wikidot account but are not necessarily a member of a given site. Some sites allow such Users to modify content and use forum.

Members of the site

Members of the particular site are these who through some process joined the site. One can become a Member of a site by

  • applying to Site Administrators (if enabled)
  • by providing a valid membership password (if enabled)
  • by accepting an invitation from a Site Administrator

Some sites allow content modification and forum postings only to its Members. In fact this is the default ;-)

Site Administrators

Users who have all possible permissions within a site. A User who creates a new site also becomes an Administrator of this site. Other site Members can be also given Administrator roles.

Site Moderators

Users who have certain permissions to modify content but can not access site settings. Moderators can have any of the two roles

  • Page Moderator - can modify content pages
  • Forum Moderators - can modify (edit, delete) forum threads and posts.

Site Moderators are given their roles by Site Administrators. Superusers

There is also a group of Superusers which most possibly belong to staff. They can do a lot.

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